Media content

Through the power of film and storytelling, we use drama, documentaries, and Film and photo narration to tell the stories of the community.  Storytelling is a powerful tool to deliver critical messages about social issues impacting the community and in photofilm4change, we believe that a community that speakS for itself is a community that can change and healS itself.

Skills development and media training

Our aim is to equip our fellow refugees with the creative and technical skills in Filmmaking, photography, and digital media content creation in order to explore and express the issues within the community and also to be able to unlock youth livelihoods and independence.

Community engagement and outreach

We engage the community in debates and dialogue around critical issues in society by using photo film for change contents as catalysts.

My Talent My Opportunity

we mentor and train different artists from Kakuma refugee camp( actors, singers, musicians, composers, choreographers, photographers, and others) to transform their talents into a source of income.  after this we organize different types of festivals and shows for them to get the experience of performing and start earning from there.


PhotoFilm4Change is in a mission to create long-lasting changes and transformation in different sectors of the community and on social issues impacting the society by using the power of the film and storytelling. 


Artists Mentoring & training

Film & Documentary


Music production


Address: kakuma refugee camp

Email: info@photofilm4change.org

Phone 1: +254115360486

Phone 2: +254719878533